Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Golden Night at EFW

Gold was a clear favourite in tonight's showcase at Edmonton Fashion Week. Andy Jones with his line Viciously Delicious was the first of the night to use the colour - it was also his first runway show altogether. Jones created beautiful garments which really were feminine and flirty. Many of his piices used draping techniques, and appeared as though the dress was being accessorized with a scarf when in fact it was simply the dress itself. This show was followed by Lauren McDonald whose garments usually included ruffles, fringe, and/or sheer components. The ruffles, for example, were on sleeves of blouses, and even once on the hemline of a chic little black dress. I must admit though, I was not a personal fan of the velour tights, but I can definately see their appeal to other consumers.

Next, a very pregnant Cherie Cruz sent out her models wearing her neutrally or earthy toned clothing line. Something is to be said for beauty in simplicity. Cruz's line was anything but boring, but the craftsmanship and construction of the clothing was impeccable, and made the line truly stand out regardless of colour.

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity"- Charles Mingus - Jazz bassist, composer, bandleader, and pianist in the the 60's and 70's
Derek Jagodzinsky's first showcase was a complete success and a few people even to stood up to congratulate the Edmontonian designer through a standing ovation. His line used a lot of checkered patterns and a lot of houndstooth. His designs were architectural and symmetrical (for the most part). He did a royally fantastic job for a first-timer.
The last show of the night and my personal favourite, Patricia Glanville's line Padraigin. It seemed quite clear that Glanville was inspired by the falling leaves of the season. Her line was presented with another neutral toned collection and even included a well designed maternity dress. This was my personal fsavorite of the night!

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