Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Night SIX at Edmonton Fashion Week

A crowd slightly bigger than last night's 60-ish came out to see today's designers rock the runway, and as a special added bonus, Linsay Willier runner-up from Canada's Next Top Model. She was in Shahidah's collection, Posta Couture, wearing a sleek purple dress . One year ago, Shahidah won the Emerging Designer contest and today proved her ability to sew and design. The line was clean, chic, urban and had a hip-hop feel. Many of the garments were structured in a way to accentuate natural curves, and the tailoring and fit was phenomenal on all the models. The line was dominated by denim, big pockets, and oversized hoods.

Another great designer tonight was Elisa Troung with her collection of corsetry Sweet Carousel. The corsets were so tight and well-fitted they looked like body armour. There was a corset for every occasion and fantasy from French maids, to dominatrix, and everything in between. The show felt like 'Moulin Rouge' but with Kat Von D from Miami Ink modelling. A surprising afterthought was announced after the show, mentioning that the models did their own make-up for the event. Way to go ladies!

Mystery Girl by Amber Leask also had a well put together collection. She used a lot of plaids, a lot of colour and a lot of collar. The collars were often emphasized in her modern punk schoolgirl style. One particular detail I was intrigued by was Leask's use of a standard yellow measuring tape as a belt. It was innovative and definitely noticeable. Her line is currently available for purchase at Planet Ze Design Centre off Whyte Avenue.

Natasha Lazarovic showed her Temna Fialka collection again tonight at EFW. The pieces in this collection differed from Saturday night's show. This collection was Indian-inspired and played with a lot of pleating, tiering, and draping. The line was interesting because of its fine details and embellishments. It was truly a beautiful collection.

Cherie Howard, and Kassy Theisen also showed their collections this evening and both did a wonderful job. Howard's line was quite gothic in my opinion and very racy with all the sheer fabrics and sky-high slits. Theisen's emphasized shine in her collection, using a lot of silks, and what looked like a taffeta-type material.

www.edmontonjournal.com/EFW has updated it's photo galleries and now everyone can SEE the collections and garments I've been writing about for the past 6 days! Definitely check out the Joeffer Coac gallery, Fantasy hair and make-up gallery, and Michael Kaye's gown gallery!

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