Monday, September 21, 2009

Sweet Fantasy

Students and professionals alike flooded Trans Alta Arts Barns on Whyte Ave, for the Fantasy hair and make-up competitions Monday night. Nineteen year-old Purely Inspired student Cayley Moncrieff was the winner of the Fantasy hair competition and received 2nd overall in the fantasy make-up competition. Her model was painted a glittery white with blue accents from her chest up. Her hair was painted white and it was styled in a way that looked like icicles were forcing their way up and out of the model's head which makes complete sense knowing that Cayley was inspired by icicles and a fictional ice queen. She won $200 from International Beauty Services, two tickets to Robert Lobetta's hair show put on by Eveline Charles Academy valued at $100, and $125 cash as well as a photo shoot valued at $1000 with supplied models. Moncrieff says the makeup alone took her approximately five hours to complete. Janelle Fort was the overall winner of the Fantasy make-up competition for her blue, purple, and green peacock inspired look. This was one of my favourite looks of the night; I specifically loved the peacock feathers attached to the model's eyebrows.

Phoenix Renewal Spa also put on a little make-up show of their own, and thought they would include a lesson in skin care, and skin cancer while they were at it. This production was aimed to show the progression of skin cancer until the patient dies. The show was entitled 'Dying for Beauty'.

(Left: This was stage 4 of the progression, and it is evident that the model has been tanning excessively and is well on her way to full-fledged skin cancer)

(Below: Model Agnieszka Wajda-Plytta is stage 6 of 7 of the progression of skin cancer, she has legions and cancerous moles on her face. The last stage after this was death.)

Below is a picture of Agnieszka and I after theshow (note the detail of makeup that was layered onto her skin).

I love that Phoenix Renewal Spa took this opportunity to show their talent with make-up as well as spread the word about proper skin care that has the potential to save lives. It was a wonderfully thought out concept and the models did the show plenty of justice.

Overall, the night was a success, even with the small 50-some person crowd. Tomorrow evening will be back to traditional runway with clothing designers like Shahidah's Posta Couture, and Amber Leask's Mystery Girl.

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